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Viiruse leviku tõkestamiseks puhastatakse klientide turvalisusele mõeldes makseterminaale, töötasapindu ja kõiki muid pindu, millega rohkem kokku puututakse.


1L Gel -horse power Super Arnica-


- for treatment of horses`muscle and tendon injuries - is suitable for treatment of bruises and ..

500 ml MSM liniment -horse power-


- treats muscles, tendons and joints effectively after exertion - ingredients: ethanol, mentho..

body brush -kbf 99-


antibakterial body brush kills: bacteria, fungi, algae, fusarium 18,5 x 8,5 cm..

Cooling clay -Horse Power Cold Clay-


5 kgfor preventing and treating stress injuries in horse`s legscooling, elastic and dries slowly..

Cooling Gel -Horse Power Super Cold-


1000 ml cools muscles quickly after excertion particulary suitable for muscles, tendons ..

Cough syrup -Broncho Plus-


natural cough syrup for horsescomposition: thyme, chestnut, chamomile, fennel, star anisepackaging: ..

Cream brush -Exclusive- soft brush for shoes creaming


soft brush for shoes creaming natural ( horsehair, 2 cm ) wooden handle length 15 ..

Dirt removing brush -Exclusive- brush for pre-cleaning very dirty shoes


brush for pre-cleaning very dirty shoes natural ( coconut fiber, 2 cm ) wooden handle ..

Electrolyte -Liquid Regeneration-


electrolyte liquidsodium chlorid 18%, potassium chlorid 6%, glucose 3%, magnesium chlorid 2%recommen..

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