Alates 23. augustist 2021a. oleme avatud: E-R 11-18, L ja P pood on suletud.

Viiruse leviku tõkestamiseks puhastatakse klientide turvalisusele mõeldes makseterminaale, töötasapindu ja kõiki muid pindu, millega rohkem kokku puututakse.

For leather

Cream brush -Exclusive- soft brush for shoes creaming


soft brush for shoes creaming natural ( horsehair, 2 cm ) wooden handle length 15 ..

Dirt removing brush -Exclusive- brush for pre-cleaning very dirty shoes


brush for pre-cleaning very dirty shoes natural ( coconut fiber, 2 cm ) wooden handle ..

Harness cream -Horse Power valjasrasva-


quality cream for leather 800 ml for protecting saddles, harness and other leather goods..

KIWI Super Protector - water repellent protective spray


300 ml Provides long lasting protection for shoes, jackets and other outdoor accessori..

Leather grease -HKM-


This leather grease consists of herbal essences, beeswax, wool grease, pine oil, dyes, vegetable oil..

Liquid saddle soap -Horse Power leather effect-


quality leather soap 500 ml cleansing and nourishing soap for leather protects aga..

sponge -carr&day&martin-


10x5 cm long-lasting spongefor equipment cleaning..

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