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Grain-free horse titbits - an apple-flavored treat

Grain-free horse titbits - an apple-flavored treat

  • 3.95€

Cereal-free complementary feed for horses and ponies - apple-flavored treat -Apfel-

  • Packaging: 750 g

Feeding recommendation: as a reward during training or in addition to regular feed.

Analytical constituents:

07.90% crude proteins

04.20% crude fats

17.60% crude fiber

11.50% crude ash

02.50% calcium

00.30% phosphorus

00.06% sodium

Ingredients: 50% dried fruit (apple) pomace, 19% lucerne greens flour, 10.8% rice husk bran, 10% molasses pulp, 5% calcium carbonate, 4% beet molasses, 1% dried apple pieces.

Manufacturer: HKM Sports Equipment GmbH (Veldhausener Straße 240 49828 Neuenhaus, Germany)

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