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Viiruse leviku tõkestamiseks puhastatakse klientide turvalisusele mõeldes makseterminaale, töötasapindu ja kõiki muid pindu, millega rohkem kokku puututakse.

Vitamins and minerals

Cough syrup -Broncho Plus-


natural cough syrup for horsescomposition: thyme, chestnut, chamomile, fennel, star anisepackaging: ..

Electrolyte -Liquid Regeneration-


electrolyte liquidsodium chlorid 18%, potassium chlorid 6%, glucose 3%, magnesium chlorid 2%recommen..

Feed scoop, 500 ml


best quality plastic 500 ml..

Food supplement for horse`s joints -Horse Power Joint Effect-


1000 ml food supplement for horse`s joints glucosamine sulphate, chondroitin sulphate, M..

Garlic -Horse Power-


100% garlic 2 tbsp/ day..

Himalayan saltstone


rope saltstone100% natural productnot chemically treateddoes not contain synthetic additivesweight a..

Linseed Oil - 1L - for a shiny coat and good digestion


Linseed Oil – for a shiny coat and good digestionSingle-ingredient feed for horses – Waldhausen lins..

Magnesium Liquid - 1L - for nerves of steel


Magnesium can diminish stress reactions, increase the horse"s readiness to perform and act as a calm..

MSM - 1 kg - for coat, joints, skin and hoofs


MSM - 1 kg - for coat, joints, skin and hoofsMSM is an organic sulphur compound, which has positive ..

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